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What type of electric cooktop do you want?

There are 4 types of heating for a hotplate. You can cook with gas or electricity. There are 3 forms of electric...

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Built-in or free-standing refrigerator?
Built-in or free-standing refrigerator?

built-in or free-standing refrigerator?

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Terms of Sales

These general conditions of sale are concluded between:

- The company IRIS SERVICES, designated as the Seller , FC (FRANCO PIECES) and:

- Any natural person, of legal age, wishing to make a purchase via the Seller's website,

Called the Buyer,

1. Designation of the Seller

This site is published by the company IRIS SERVICE domiciled at 24 Rue du Capitaine Ferber - 92130 ISSY-LES-MOULINEAUX, RCS NANTERRE B 803 799 006
Intracommunity VAT number FR19803799006

2. Application of the General Conditions of Sale

2.1. Purpose of the General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions apply to the online sale of all goods and products from the company IRIS SEREVICES on the website , access to which is free and open to any Internet user.

2.2. Scope of application of the General Conditions of Sale

The General Terms and Conditions govern all goods marketed by the Seller to Buyers who are consumers. The General Terms and Conditions are drawn up as well as all the contractual information mentioned on the site in French.

2.3. Availability and opposability of the General Conditions of Sale

The General Conditions of Sale are made available to consumers on the Seller's website via the hypertext link "general conditions of sale", where they are directly consultable; they can also be communicated upon simple request by the consumer by telephone, e-mail or postal mail. The General Conditions of Sale are enforceable against the Buyer who acknowledges, by checking a box provided for this purpose, having been aware of them and having accepted them before placing the order. Validation of the order by its confirmation constitutes acceptance by the Buyer of the General Terms and Conditions in force on the day of the order, and the conservation and reproduction of which is ensured by the Seller.

2.4. Modification of the T&Cs

The Seller reserves the right to modify its General Terms and Conditions at any time. In the event of modification of the General Terms and Conditions, these modifications are enforceable from the date they are posted online. The applicable General Terms and Conditions are those in force on the date of the order.

2.5. Clauses of the General Conditions of Sale

The nullity of a contractual clause does not result in the nullity of the General Terms and Conditions, unless it is an impulsive and decisive clause having led one of the parties to conclude the sales contract. The temporary or permanent non-application of one or more clauses of the General Conditions of Sale by the Seller cannot constitute a waiver on its part of the other clauses of the General Conditions of Sale which continue to have their effects.

3. Protection of minors and authorization for sale

The Buyer undertakes, by validating his order and the General Conditions of Sale, to be at least 18 years old on the date of the order.

4. Sales organization

The Seller's activity consists of organizing sales of spare parts and household appliance accessories. The Products are offered in limited quantities.

5. Products

5.1. Products
5.1.1 Characteristics

The products offered for sale on the site are each the subject of a description accessible by clicking on each product; this description mentions the essential characteristics of the product within the meaning of article L. 111-1 of the Consumer Code.

The photographs illustrating the products do not constitute a contractual document.

5.1.2. Compliance

The products comply with the requirements of French law in force relating to the safety and health of people, the fairness of commercial transactions and the protection of consumers at the time of their placing on the market.

5.1.3 Duration of the offer

The online sales offers presented on the site are valid, in the absence of indication of a particular duration, as long as the products appear in the electronic catalog and while stocks last.

6. Price

6.1. Selling price

The sales price of the product is that in effect on the day of the order, and taking into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order.
The sales prices, in accordance with article L. 113-13 of the Consumer Code, are indicated, for each of the products appearing in the electronic catalog, in euros, all taxes included. The total amount owed by the Buyer is indicated on the order confirmation page.

6.1.1. Price change

The Seller reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, while guaranteeing to the Buyer the application of the price in force on the day of the order.

6.1.2. Promotional offers

In the event of a promotion, the Seller undertakes to apply the promotional price to any order placed during the duration of the promotion.

7. Purchasing process for all products

7.1. How to order ?
7.1.1. On site only

Choose your product, view your quote, place your order by purchasing the product then validate. Choose your payment method and validate your purchase.

7.2. Order modification

Any order modification by the Buyer after confirmation of his order is subject to acceptance by the Seller.

7.3. Refusal of the order

The Seller reserves the right to refuse any order for legitimate reasons.

7.4. Product unavailability

If the ordered products are unavailable, the Seller immediately informs the Buyer.

7.5. Data archiving

The archiving of communications, purchase orders and invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable medium so as to constitute a faithful and durable copy in accordance with article 1348 of the Civil Code.
These communications, purchase orders and invoices may be produced as proof of the contract.

8. Payment

8.1. Payment on the site

Products ordered on the site are payable upon ordering and in euros. The invoice referring to the payment made by the buyer will be automatically issued by and sent to the buyer by e-mail.

In the event of refusal of authorization for payment of the purchase from accredited organizations, the site reserves the right to refuse an order.

9. Payment security

Payment is 100% secure online with the PAYPAL, credit card option and the PayPlug platform.

10. Withdrawal

In the context of a distance sale, by mail order or online via the internet, the consumer who changes his mind must exercise his right of withdrawal within 14 days and without having to give reasons or pay penalties. , with the exception of products ordered exclusively for the buyer at his request, where applicable, return costs. This withdrawal period is 14 days.

To cancel his order within the withdrawal period of (14) working days from the date of receipt of the Products ordered on the Site, the Buyer must notify the Seller by e-mail

All electronic cards, as well as all electrical parts whose packaging has been removed, or if the products are connected, will not be subject to a request for withdrawal or refund, as they are not deemed to be in perfect condition for resale. .

Reimbursement of payment will be made as soon as possible and no later than (30) days from receipt of the letter and/or email confirmation of cancellation and after having collected the item that you the buyer returned it to us. Create a faithful and durable copy in accordance with article 1348 of the Civil Code.

11. Management of your personal data

11.1. Collection and use of data

The collection of personal data, their use for processing orders and the creation of customer files and their distribution to third parties responsible for fulfilling orders, is subject to the consent of the person concerned. The processing of personal data, which is kept by the publisher for the sole purposes of proper administration of orders and commercial relations, is subject to a declaration to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés.

11.2. Right of access to modify or delete your data

The consumer has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data concerning him at any time.

12. Delivery

12.1. Delivery methods

Deliveries are not made by the Seller's internal services. They are entrusted to external service providers and are carried out either by Colissimo Suivi (La Poste) or by carrier.

12.2. Delivery of a package

At the time of delivery, and in the presence of the driver, check the condition and quality of the products delivered and formulate specific reservations in the event of a dispute (e.g. damaged packaging, missing package, broken window, etc.) on the receipt of the carrier. You can refuse the package(s).
If you keep the goods, and as specified in article L133-3 of the commercial code, any complaint must be confirmed by registered letter to the carrier within 3 days.

12.3 Delivery time

Delivery times are indicative. Any possible excess cannot give rise to damages, deduction or cancellation of the order by the buyer.

13. In the event of a dispute

In the event of disagreement or the impossibility of amicable settlement, disputes will be submitted to the competent court of Nanterre 92000.

14. Intellectual property

The elements reproduced on the Seller's site are its exclusive property. Any reproduction and distribution of these elements, without prior written authorization, exposes offenders to legal action.

Version 12/2023 updated January 2024


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